100 Moor Otters

5th Dec 2016 - 15th Sep 2017

I am very proud to be taking park in the Moor Otters Project which will see 100 Otters being decorated by 100 different artist to raise money for Dartmoor National Park. I will be dedicating my Otter to Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton Team to help raise awareness for them too.


As well as keeping a diary of his creative journey below I also will be updating my Facebook page and twitter #rescueotter with regular photos


To find out more about the project please visit: www.moorotters.co.uk



Launch: 5th Dec 2016

Location: Bovey Castle

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton and I collecting the Otter but not before enjoying our lunch and coffee at the Launch of the Moor Otters Project at Bovey Castle.


To find out more about Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton please visit: www.dsrtashburton.org.uk

Day 1: Our guest arrives at his temporary

home and meets the resident dog.

Day 2: Keeping him warm until I am ready to get creative.

Day 3: Sketching out and getting him ready for the paintbrush.

Day 4: Starting to feel a little less naked with his first coat of paint

Day 5: #rescueotter coming along nicely. More layers of paint added and plenty more to go!

Day 6: Second layer on the bottom end of my #rescueotter. Lots more layer to go!


Day 7: Managed to get more layers on today. Starting to get more depth colour


Day 8: Starting to Set out the body area for his jacket and little additional details.

Day 9: Adding the silver details Starting to Still lots more layers to add.

Day 10: The Red is on and more details

& layers added to the face.

Day 11: He's almost ready!!!! just a few more dabs of paint and final lacquer.

Day 12: All wrapped up and ready to go for a coat of Lacquer.

Day 13: Rescue Otter now has whiskers.


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